The control software for IMAGENICS US series

Dedicated control software to unlock the potential of the IMAGENICS US series

US GUI is the dedicated control software for the US series switchers manufactured by IMAGENICS. With its easy operation and reliable functionality that overturns the concept of switchers for professional use, it greatly reduces the time and effort required for advance preparation and settings when introducing a switcher for professional use. The US GUI includes not only the initial settings of the US series main unit, but also backup data creation, reporting functions, and a crosspoint setting function that can be utilized in full-scale operation scenarios. The US GUI can now cover the entire process from installation to operation and maintenance with a single software package. A new standard for quality in business systems has been born.


The US GUI’s built-in device auto-discovery function automatically detects US Series devices deployed in the network. By providing unprecedented flexibility and quick connectivity, the US Series has succeeded in greatly reducing the time and effort required for complicated management tasks. Those who are new to the US series can learn device operation using the US GUI to systematically understand the functions and performance of the devices. The US GUI also provides a new learning flow to learn hardware functions through easy-to-understand software.



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IMAGENICS and Liberal Logic have brought together a new generation of corporate vision to realize a new project that will change the previously closed nature of the video equipment industry in Japan. We hope you will look forward to the new story that begins in the world of new switcher solutions born from the collaboration of IMAGENICS’s solid hardware development technology and Liberal Logic’s unique software development technology.

More than 200 companies have installed the system!

Since its official release in 2023, more than 200 companies have already used the system.


Unified user interface supports five models.

US GUI supports 5 models of US series US-88, US-82IL, US-82, US-42, and US-41 with one application. It is an integrated environment that allows users to walk across different models with the same operability. Slightly different functions for each model are absorbed in a unified user interface, allowing operation without confusion. The learning curve is minimal, as the environment is designed to allow for migration between models. A very convenient environment has been created that greatly reduces the time and effort required for system construction and operation.

Automatic search for unparalleled connectivity

The US GUI includes a revolutionary automatic device search function to make it easy for anyone to connect to devices. Simply click the search button to automatically find and display all US Series devices connected to the network. Simply press the connect button to immediately connect and start operation. In addition to displaying an at-a-glance image of the device to be connected, each device can be given a device name of the user's choice. There is no need to worry about connection, even if there are several of the same model in the system.

Simple, easy-to-read switcher screen that makes you want to touch it

The switcher crosspoint setting screen has a simple, easy-to-read screen design. The display system allows the user to intuitively grasp the relationship between inputs and outputs, greatly reducing the time required to grasp the status. The crosspoint display section has an intuitive operation system with input channels on the upper side and output channels on the right side. The input-output relationship can be manipulated with a single click. Setting for each channel is as simple as clicking the button where the channel name is displayed. The US GUI has a new black tone user interface that enables operation in dimly lit environments such as machine rooms of installation facilities and broadcasting facilities. Combined with the simple, easy-to-read screen, this allows for worry-free introduction into the field environment.

Switching control target by shortcut key

For medium and large facilities, multiple switchers can be deployed in a system, and the US GUI allows a single application to connect to multiple US series devices simultaneously. The US GUI provides an unprecedentedly fast operating environment with shortcut keys for switching control targets. Multiple US GUI applications can be launched for display in different windows. This provides a flexible operating environment that can be used in a variety of ways.

Convenient reporting function for situational awareness

Displaying report information is useful when you want to immediately check the general status of devices. It is also equipped with a text information sharing function using QR codes and supports information management via mobile devices. This enables accurate information collection even at mission-critical sites where it is difficult to connect USB devices or other devices. It is equipped with useful functions that greatly reduce the workload of on-site support.

Built-in documentation

As a feature unique to software that supports a wide variety of functions and multiple models, we have provided built-in documentation for the application. The documentation covers not only the functional aspects of the software, but also a wide range of hardware information that is necessary for prior knowledge, eliminating the need to search through manuals in an environment with numerous devices and documents.

Easy network setup

The easy-to-view user interface makes it easy to configure network settings, which are always necessary when initially setting up devices. The display also shows the device appearance, IP address, firmware version, MAC address, and other information to reduce the workload when setting up the device. A warning function is also provided to avoid IP address collisions that tend to occur during network configuration. If a potentially conflicting US device is found on the same network, a warning is issued before the configuration is applied. This is a configuration environment that can be used with peace of mind even in hectic system configuration sites.

Intuitive operation using touch panel

The US GUI incorporates many considerations to enable intuitive operation using the touch panel. For example, the buttons for switching switcher crosspoints support tap-less action, which allows users to switch switches simply by tracing their fingers, eliminating stressful switching operations even for models with large crosspoints such as the US-88. A full-screen display mode is also available, allowing the user interface to fill the entire screen, creating an environment that can be operated without having to worry about other applications or desktop screens.

Convenient initialization function for relocation of equipment

When installing equipment into a system, it is often necessary to restore the equipment to its initial state before starting the setup process; the US GUI includes an Initialize to Factory Settings feature to support this workflow. The US GUI includes an initialization function to support this workflow, reducing the time and effort required to set up the system. The initialization function has two modes of operation: one that initializes all settings, including network settings, and one that initializes all settings except network settings. The user can choose the mode that best suits the situation to restore the device to its factory default settings. (US-42 can only initialize all settings including network settings.)

Free window scaling

For models with relatively small switcher crosspoints, such as the US-82, it is possible to operate with a smaller window. When operating multiple applications together, the free window scaling function of the US GUI can be conveniently used.

Easy backup of main unit settings

The US GUI's configuration backup function makes it easy to create a clone device with the exact same settings as a system backup device. It is a very time-consuming task to manually create the same settings. The backup function saves all settings of the device, making it possible to create a device with exactly the same settings with just a few clicks. This hardware and software solution provides a comprehensive range of functions from initial setup to maintenance management, supporting everything from installation to operation and maintenance with peace of mind.

I/O signal check function

It is very important to know the status of signals input to and output from the switcher. The status button on the control screen of the US GUI is equipped with a function to detect the status of input and output signals, allowing you to immediately check the status of input and output signals with a single click.

User data function for more convenience

For switchers installed in a facility, it is essential to provide a way to quickly identify what signals are input to a channel and what signals are output from a channel. This user data function allows the user to determine the channel name, channel icon, channel display color, etc.

Common user interface for both Windows and macOS environments

Cross-platform support for Windows and macOS allows you to choose the operating system and computer environment that best fits your business domain. The user interface and operating experience is the same even if you migrate platforms. Once you are familiar with the operation on one platform, you can migrate to a different platform at any time. This environment allows you to choose the best platform for your area of business, such as Windows for surveillance systems and macOS for educational systems.

Configure the behavior according to the usage scenario

The US GUI is equipped with various functions that comprehensively support everything from initial setup to operation and maintenance, but it is also essential to adjust functions according to the situation. The US GUI setting screen has detailed setting items that allow settings to be made according to the operating environment.

Cloud Sharing of Application Data

Application data stores device configuration backup information, user data, and other data to assist user operations. By linking application data with cloud file sharing services, application data can be shared among devices.

Equipped with a virtual device function that allows users to experience operation without an actual device

The US GUI has a built-in virtual device function that allows users to experience operation without an actual device, enabling them to experience actual operation with a single PC. This makes it possible to experience the settings and operational feel of the equipment prior to installation. Clicking on the images of the listed devices will take you to a website with model information. This function also assists information gathering activities during system design.


Item Specification
CPU Intel Core, Xeon Series / AMD Ryzen Series / Apple M Series
Minimum System Memory Size 8 [GB]
Minimum Disk Space 1 [GB] (additional free space for data storage is required)
Minimum Display Resolution 1920x1080 [pixels]
Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11 (64-bit) / macOS (Monterey or later)
System Disk Format SSD recommended
Target Models US-88, US-82IL, US-82, US-42, US-41
Operation Screens Home Screen / Control Screen / Settings Screen / Information Screen / Help Screen
Features Search, connect, disconnect, save backup data, restore backup data, set IP address, get IP address, set subnet mask, get subnet mask, set gateway, get gateway, initialize factory settings, identify, connect, control switcher status, get switcher status, make report, make report, make report get, create report, get I/O signal status, set keylock, get keylock, set keylock mode, get keylock mode, set startup crosspoint mode, get startup crosspoint mode, set video off mode, get video off mode, set sequential switch time interval, get sequential switch time interval, set video bypass mode, get video bypass mode, set audio separate signal mode, get audio separate signal mode, set audio separate signal level, get audio separate signal level, set audio separate signal delay time, Audio Separate Signal Delay Time, HDMI Input Port EDID Setting, HDMI Input Port EDID Acquisition, HDMI Input Port HDCP Setting, HDMI Input Port HDCP Acquisition, HDMI Input Port Color Format Acquisition, HDMI Input Port Color Format Setting, Analog audio input superimposed signal mode, analog audio input superimposed signal level, sequential switch mode setting, sequential switch mode acquisition, sequential switch time interval setting, sequential switch time interval acquisition, output format setting, output format acquisition, output Output Color Mode Setting, Get Output Color Mode, Deep Color Mode Setting, Get Deep Color Mode
User Interface Language Japanese/English (auto-switching depending on environment)



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US series

The US Series from Imagenix Corporation is a matrix switcher/selector supporting 4K60p 4:4:4 full spec HDMI signal input/output. Based on hardware that realizes high-quality 4K HDMI video/audio input/output, this latest model is equipped with various detailed setting items that are indispensable for professional applications. With its highly reliable design backed by many years of experience in the development of professional video and audio equipment, the US series can be introduced into a wide range of professional video and audio systems with confidence. We hope you will use it together with the US GUI, which brings out the full potential of the US series.


The US-88 is an 8x8 matrix switcher for HDMI signals compliant with HDMI 2.0/1.4 and HDCP 2.2/1.4 standards, and supports down-conversion of 4K video to FHD video for each HDMI output terminal, and output-linked or input-selected analog audio It also supports de-embedding function.


The US-82IL is an 8x2 matrix selector for HDMI signals compliant with HDMI 2.0/1.4 and HDCP 2.2/1.4 standards, supporting down-conversion from 4K to FHD video for each HDMI output terminal and de-embedding of analog audio. It is equipped with two IMG.LINK Rev2 outputs and can be used in combination with our CRO-URS2A for seamless connections such as freeze type. External control is performed via LAN, and external control of display devices is also possible via RS-232C of the CRO-URS2A.


The US-82 is an 8x2 matrix selector for HDMI signals compliant with HDMI 2.0/1.4 and HDCP 2.2/1.4 standards, and supports down-conversion of 4K video to FHD video for each HDMI output terminal and de-embedding of analog audio.


The US-42 is a 4x2 matrix selector for HDMI signals compliant with HDMI 2.0/1.4 and HDCP 2.2/1.4 standards. It supports down-conversion function from 4K video to FHD video for each output terminal and embedding/de-embedding function for analog audio, and supports various operational settings via LCD small windows and menu system, as well as external control via LAN and contact terminals.


The US-41 is a 4K HDMI 4-input/1-output 2-distribution selector that supports HDMI 2.0/1.4 and HDCP 2.2/1.4 standards, and is pre-certified for HDCP to enable relatively fast HDMI signal switching operation. The system is equipped with a wide variety of features that are advantageous in system operation, including an automatic down-conversion function for each HDMI output terminal.